Equilibrium Mineral Mix



Equilibrium Mineral Mix 22kg

Equilibrium supplements contain vitamins, minerals and salts in optimal ratios suitable for all equines. Think of them like a multivitamin for horses, designed to be consumed alongside a diet containing ample amounts of roughage and topped up with protein and energy where necessary.

Adding Equilibrium to your horse’s feed is as simple as a scoop, tossing it in the feed bin and mixing it around with an existing hard feed. Equilibrium products remain one of the most affordable ways to supplement your horse, make the science supplementation as easy as 1,2,3 and most importantly, deliver results that horse owners can see.

Equilibrium Mineral Mix is suitable for all horses, regardless of your horse’s size or the type of work that he or she is in. it is easy to use and available in a variety of economical sizes to suit your situation.

This supplement is recommended for most horses all of the time. For nervous or excitable horses the Equilibrium B1 Cool Mix in place of the standard Equilibrium Mineral Mix may be more suitable.

Designed for horses, not particular climates, places or regions, thousands of owners from across the world have seen their horses benefit from having Equilibrium Mineral Mix added to their feeds.

The ingredients selected for inclusion in Equilibrium supplements were hand picked because of the nutritional value they provide to horses. Equilibrium  products contain no fillers or bulking ingredients.

Directions for Use: Please see the detailed usage chart in the extra images for this product for specific dosing guidelines. As a rough guide, a 12 kg bag will last an average horse approx 6 months; a 5kg tub approx 2.5 months.


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