Equilibrium B1 Cool Mix



Equilibrium B1 Cool Mix is a complete supplement recommended for nervous or excitable horses. Containing the same ingredients as its Equilibrium Mineral Mix stable mate, B1 Cool Mix does not contain ingredients that will make your horse sleepy or lethargic.

Where nervousness or excitability is brought on by nutritional issues, Equilibrium B1 Cool Mix product may be able to help.

Equilibrium B1 Cool Mix was initially developed for a show jumping horse that was competing at World Cup level. The sights and sounds of royal shows always present a challenging environment to horses, none more so to a horse that suffers nervousness or excitability. Mulberry Road was one such horse that turned in erratic performances as a result of his nerves and it was after adding B1 Cool Mix to his feed that his consistency improved and he started turning in some very pleasing results.

The ingredients selected for inclusion in Equilibrium supplements were hand picked because of the nutritional value they provide to horses. Equilibrium  products contain no fillers or bulking ingredients. Full nutritional profile is available in the extra product images.

Directions for Use: Please see the detailed usage chart in the extra images for this product for specific dosing guidelines. As a rough guide, a 12 kg bag will last an average horse approx 6 months; a 5kg tub approx 2.5 months, which makes it a very economical product to use.

Each package contains a scoop which holds approx 70g of product.


5kg, 12kg, 22kg