Kohnke's Own Cell-Salts 2kg


Kohnke’s Own Cell-Salts 2kg

Kohnke’s Own Cell-Salts is a concentrated mix of selected physiological salts that will balance the feed rather than replace lost salts.

Cell Salts is formulated to provide high amounts of potassium and magnesium in slow release form. The addition of plain, fine table salt to feed on a ‘scoop for scoop’ basis to cell salts is recommended to make up for shortfalls in sodium.

Feeding a combination of Cell Salts and plain salt is economical and works out to be around half the cost of comparable products, as many contain much higher levels of cheap salt (sodium chloride) and less potassium and magnesium on a dose for dose basis.


  • Helps correct low sodium and chloride levels in common feeds – contains glucose to provide energy for sodium uptake.
  • Provides high levels of potassium to offset slow uptake from feeds.
  • Contains increased levels of magnesium to supplement poor availability from most feeds.
  • Potassium and magnesium salts are coated with highly refined, stabilised vegetable oil to help extend their release and uptake – also helps to reduce dust and the “salty” taste.
  • Palatable, low dust formulation.
  • Note: Cell-Salts do not contain BICARBONATE as it is not an essential feed salt.

Supplementary rates are tailored to salt needs relative to feed content and exercise requirements.

SIZES: 2kg; 5kg; 15kg

Handy Hint: Cell-Salts contains concentrated levels of potassium and magnesium with adequate sodium and chloride for lightly sweating horses. As sweat loss increases, to provide sufficient sodium to correct low or inadequate feed levels, add scoopful for scoopful of Cell-Salts and ordinary salt to balance the ration to exercise needs. This is an economical way of meeting optimum dietary needs.