Wombaroo Roo Milk 0.6 - 220gm


Wombaroo Roo Milk 0.6

Wombaroo Kangaroo Milk Replacer 0.6 is a nutritionally balanced milk substitute for macropod (kangaroo & wallaby) joeys with between 60% – 70% of their pouch life completed.

Joeys at this stage have fur that begins as a fine velvet, but rapidly grows into a short, thicker coat. Eyes are fully opened and ears erect. Confined to the pouch, with head regularly out. Faeces mustard toothpaste to soft green pellet consistency.

Key Features

  • Specifically formulated to match the composition of mid lactation kangaroo milk.
  • High energy milk, with the required balance of carbohydrate & fat content.
  • Protein high in sulphur-containing amino acids (cysteine & methionine) for rapid hair growth phase.