Cosy Heat Pad



The Passwell Cosy Heat Pad is a useful pouch that can greatly assist in the relaxing and nursing of animals. Frequently used in vet clinics and animal hospitals, the heat pad works fast to comfort your pet and keep them rested for longer.

Many pet owners select the Cosy Heat Pad when they first get a puppy or kitten. At times when you cannot be around for your pet, the heat pad is useful in warming them and forging the body warmth they crave. For older pets, the heat pad is used to maintain body temperature and to assist in the healing process for sick animals.

Easy to use, the heat pad can reach up to 20°C above room temperature. Made of soft PVC, it is safe to use and a common staple in any animal owner’s home.

260mm x 360mm

It is recommended for birds and animals that the heat pad is placed underneath their box or cage and at the end of the enclosure covered with sand or rock for reptiles. Dogs and cats will benefit the most from the heat pad if it is placed underneath their bedding. It is important that they do not puncture, chew or scratch the heat pad, so it is best if it is not in direct contact with your pet.

Always monitor the temperature surrounding the Cosy Heat Pad, the environment your pet is in should not exceed 35°C.