Kohnke's Own FABBY - 1kg


Multi-Action Probiotic and Prebiotic Digestive Supplement for Optimum Hindgut Health


FABBY: Fabulous Formulation

  • Highly concentrated probiotics including live hindgut-active yeast and microbial forms
  • Multiple prebiotics to feed good hindgut bacteria and help reduce ‘bad’ bacteria
  • Functional fibres to optimise the working of the hindgut for good digestive function
  • Mycotoxin binders for gut sensitivity issues and other digestive problems


FABBY: Usage and Benefits

  • Proven results in horses with poor digestive function, loose manure, gut sensitivity or condition loss
  • Very helpful for aged horses with digestive inefficiency, performance horses on hard feeds, horses with lack of pasture access, horses suffering intermittent or even long term scouring.
  • Naturally reduces hindgut acid build-up (acidosis) plus benefits starch and fibre digestion
  • A daily digestive supplement for horses of all ages and dietary intakes.