Kohnke's Own Cell-Provide



Kohnke’s Own Cell-Provide

Kohnke’s Own Cell-Provide is a calcium, trace-mineral and vitamin supplement specifically formulated for light to medium worked, spelling, aged and miniature horses and ponies.

Cell-Provide contains 3 cold-pressed separate Supplet® pellets to help makeup shortfalls in common ‘cool’ and lower energy feeds, chaff and hay. Also recommended for laminitic horses being fed soaked hay and weight reducing diets.

Cell-Provide® is palatable to even the ‘fussiest’ of eaters – in fact, most horses and ponies will take them off your hand-an easy way to supplement horses, ponies, miniatures and aged, retired animals at pasture.


Handy Hint: The economical Cell-Provide 1.4kg pack provides 23 full doses for working and aged horses and 46 doses (6 weeks!) for a pony – horses and ponies at grass can be given their daily supplement off the hand!


1.4kg, 3.5kg