KER Nutrequin



KER Nutrequin

NUTREQUIN is a vitamin and trace mineral supplement on a palatable protein meal base designed to balance the diet of horses getting a traditional diet of home mix grains and forage. Unlike many similar supplements it contains vitamin C along with amino acids.
The daily addition of NUTREQUIN will help your horse meet the nutrient demands for health, recreation, sporting events and work. It will also supply trace minerals and vitamins needed to achieve optimal fertility, or to grow with minimal bone and joint disorders.
To supplement trace minerals and vitamins to home grain mix diets.
To top up trace mineral and vitamin intakes when premixed feeds are used below recommended levels.
Suitable for all types of horse or pony.
30g Ponies, Foals
60g Maintenance horses, weanlings, yearlings, horses in light and moderate work
90g Broodmares, stallions, horses in heavy training
If calcium and phosphorus supplementation is needed, add EQUIVIT BONE FOOD or use EQUIVIT DEVELOP instead of NUTREQUIN .
1 heaped scoop = 30g


1kg, 12kg