Tuff Rock Poultice



• TuffRock is a topical preparation to aid in the recovery from swelling, cuts and abrasians.
• It is the world’s first energized volcanic poultice which has been described by people in racing and equestrian across three continents as the best product they have seen in their lifetime!
• TuffRock Poultice helps reduce the inflammation effects through cooling the site of the injury quickly, instantly removing heat from injured areas by reaching under the skin and providing relief to areas that need it most.
• Horses readily accept poultice application – simply apply a small amount to the damaged area, wait a few moments until the horse feels the soothing effect, then apply 5-7mm thick to the injured area, ensuring the coverage extends to at least 2 inches outside the effected area.
• TuffRock Poultice can be used without bandaging. If bandaging is preferred, cover with damp paper and plastic, and lightly wrap.