Wormer - Equine Strategy T


Equine Strategy T


Broadspectrum wormer effective on all susceptible equine worms including tapeworms Unique synergistic combination of two

active compounds Superior rotational wormer Safe to use on all horses including foals, pregnant mares and breeding stallions Palatable vanilla flavoured paste

Developed and made in Australia


1. Unique combination of actives The synergistic combination of oxfendazole and pyrantel in Strategy-T act to complement one another’s activity

against all major equine worms including tapeworm and benzimidazole resistant redworms (small strongyles or cyathostomes). The combination of these two active ingredients in Strategy-T results in a more effective wormer than either active ingredient alone.

2. Ideal rotational wormer= Strategy-T is the only wormer available that contains the combination of a benzimidazole and tetrahydropyrimadine.

This makes Strategy-T the ONLY wormer that effectively treats all major worms of horses including tapeworm and

benzimidazole resistant small strongyles that does not contain a macrocyclic lactone (mectin). This means Strategy-T is the

best choice of wormer to use in a rotational program as an alternative to the “mectin” products.

3. Track record of safety Extensive internal and independent trials have proven the safety and efficacy of Strategy-T. Safety has been proven in different

age groups and life stages of horses including foals, pregnantmares and breeding stallions.

4 Palatable flavour Strategy-T is in a palatable vanilla flavoured paste making iteasy to administer.

5. Australian developed and madeStrategy-T is an Australian developed and manufactured product.