Drinker Cup


Drinker Cup

The new Yellow Float Chicken Lubing Drinker Cup features the Dine A Chook exclusive upgraded float system. If you are new to lubing cups, they are the preferred method of delivering clean water to poultry and laying hens.

For do it yourself enthusiasts, you can make your own automatic chicken drinker system with the new Yellow Float Chicken Lubing Drinker Cup. To use, simply attach the Lubing water cup to a water drum or the Dine a Chook water station. The cup is float operated and will automatically refill as the water levels decrease in the cup.

As you know, chickens are notoriously messy in their coop, throwing up dirt everywhere. If your water station is open it will quickly fill up with dirt, or the birds may even stand in it. This contaminates the drinking water, adding faeces and germs into the drinking supply. To keep your birds healthy it is vital they use a hygienic drinking system. Lubing cups prevent birds walking in the water so they lessens the chance of contamination.


  • 1 x Chicken Lubing Cup with upgraded Yellow Float

Benefits of a Lubing Drinker Cup

  • Genuine German Lubing brand trusted worldwide
  • Dine A Chook engineered float allows more water in cup
  • Keeps the chicken coop dry – No spillage
  • Automatic water cup refilling
  • No training required.
  • Hygienic hydration for poultry and laying hens
  • Helps prevent water contamination