Avian Delight - Treat Bars 75gm



reat your bird with Avian Delights. Choose from 7 different types!

3 types of seed bars – Canary Delight, Budgie Delight and Parrot Delight. Ingredients of seed bars include: Bird seeds and vitamins. Shellgrit for extra calcium. Edible protein matrix.

4 types of Fruit/Nut bars – Fruity Delight, contains fruits,cereals and vitamins. Nutty Delight, contains nuts, cereals and vitamins, Combo Delight, contains bird seed, fruit, nuts and vitamins and Lorikeet Delight.

Wire is included to hang from your cage.

Many treat bars sold in pet stores are held together with PVA woodworking glue. Although this is classed as “non-toxic” to humans it is certainly not designed to be digested by birds. Passwell Avian Delight treats are bound with food-grade gelatine, which is digestible and safe for consumption by birds.


Fruity Delight, Budgie Delight, Parrot Delight